Do’s and don’ts for wedding vendor sourcing

Here are some Simple do’s and don’ts you should take while dealing with vendors for wedding planning.

Wedding replicate the personality of two different individual,In india it is often two different families who wants to create a special blend of their personalities knowing what they desire, what theme they require for their wedding, what fold a napkin should be, what menu can be and long process. Then try to source the right suppliers for your wedding. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you selecting perfect vendors, who provides the best service, who is reliable and ultimately who do you book


 Sourcing do’s

  • Built a proper list of all required suppliers for your wedding
  • Compare pricing against a few suppliers to get the best possible price for your possessions
  • Be creative and resourceful
  • Make a proper research about vendors before finalizing them
  • Start Early, Specially in Cities like Mumbai, Delhi and even Goa wedding Venues and vendors are booked a year before wedding.

Have look at Our wedding Check list: Complete Wedding Check list

Sourcing don’ts

  • Do not rely on internet source investigate about their services before purchasing
  • There are always two side of story, take on board what others say about them and then make your mind up
  • Before confirming on product pricing investigate as much as you can about the product
  • Get every thing in writing and make a proper contract before finalizing the deal as word of mouth is not a contract
  • There is vigorous competition out there, shop around don’t book the first thing you see

If you dont want to handle the over head process you can always look to hire us as your wedding planner.

Its important know answers to this 13 Questions to help you make Wise Decision.


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