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Don’t risk your party being rubbish, cold or running out of drink

So how do you start, who do you turn to to make sure this party, your most important, becomes a legend. Talked about for years to come. The benchmark by which all other parties are judged? Well, at SR event Planners we make that happen.

It doesn’t matter if  its a milestone, birthday party, anniversary planning, baptism, a reunion, bachelor party, kitty parties etc ,  we can help.

We are happy to take over those duties and work with you to ensure everything goes according to plan and you and your guests enjoy the day for what it is – a celebration!

Tell us your vision and we will do everything we can to bring that to reality. We offer you numerous services and innovative ideas to enable you to have your event tailor made to fit your budget

We will provide you all the services right from invitation, entertainments for birthday  venue selection till the end of your party and be there personally to your event truly spectacular.

Complete party planning and co-ordinating

This is for clients who need the complete stress free event and enjoy it to the fullest.We guide you and plan your complete event from its minute arrangements till the closing stages. You get to enjoy all the fun aspects of planning your celebration, while avoiding the stress and anxiety of the behind-the-scenes work.

  • Venue for parties
  • Catering services
  • Entertainments
  • Theme decoration for birthday party or any other occasion
  • Invitation and stationery
  • Guest management
  • Return gifts and favors


and much more. We also arrange for the best magicians for birthday, special performace by actors (if required) etc. every arrangement is been plan in details and finalized by our clients.

Saving you money (in most cases more than the fee), energy, and on average over 70 planning hours, ‘Complete party planning and co-ordinating  Package’ is a , must have service, for the busy parents and others.

Partial planning and co-ordinating

Have you booked your venue but are tensed about decoration and other arrangements??? Don’t worry we are there to take care of every bit of event and make your day stress free.

This is ideal for them who have already done some arrangement but are worried about other things to be done. SR event Planners along with their expertise look after all type of events as our aim is “turning your dreams into reality”

  • venue decoration
  • on the day co-ordination
  • return gifts and favors
  • vendor management
  • guest management


and much more. So turn the details to us and we will be there to assure every thing runs smoothly

When you plan your Social Event with SR event Planners, we take full responsibility to organise every aspect of your celebration.So what your waiting for Call us Now.


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