Why Choose us

Planning a wedding is a mixture of feelings – It is the most special day of your lives, yet it is also very costly – both in terms of the actual time it takes to get everything organized, money and stress levels
Hiring a wedding planner can be the best move you can make

By hiring us as your wedding planner We will:

  • Save you money (usually more than our fee)
  • Craft you a creative and beautiful wedding day
  • Listen to what you want, not what everyone is telling you that you are going to have
  • Do the legwork for you, saving you days and weeks of time
  • Give you a stress free and smooth ride
  • Stop you walking straight into the usual wedding planning problems
  • Organize everything for you efficiently and on budget
  • Make sure that everything is organized and done in the right order

Any deals or reductions in price I negotiate for you are passed on directly to you. Our working is very transparent, and very independent. We have organized countless weddings, and We know the wedding industry backwards.

We have 1000′s of ideas and ways of making your wedding day to be the day you dreamed of. Call us today 91-9869829673, and speak to a person that listens to you, you will be really surprised how easy everything can be

Weddings are very stressful to organise. Not only do you have to sort all of the logistics, you have to get creative, find suppliers for all of those impossible things to find especially in city like Mumbai, Top it all your families are pulling you one way and another. Knowing where to go, who to speak to, what to do next can be very daunting and time-consuming. The bigger the wedding, the more there seems to be to do.

Hiring SR event Planners as your wedding planner will sort out most of these issues in one phone call. As your wedding planner we will do absolutely everything you want or need me to sort out. We find venues, caterers, design themes, take care of every minute things that does matter most, manage event timeline– anything! We make sure the day runs smoothly, we make sure the run up to your wedding is relaxing and enjoyable

“It is your wedding, as a couple it is about you”

If you choose us as your wedding planner, you will find out that this is exactly our philosophy when it comes to planning your wedding – It is your wedding, as a couple, it is about you. No matter what supplier, venue, photographer or company you deal with – make sure they are putting you first

Our full wedding planning service is for couples who are either right at the beginning, or in the first few months of the wedding planning process. If you have just got engaged, or you have just started looking for venues, this is the most useful and effective service we offer. We deal with ALL aspects of your wedding planning, and we make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams.

We listen to what you both want and make it happen, whilst adding a full creative element to the planning.
We are fully independent, and not affiliated with any supplier or venue. It is important to stress that any reductions in supplier fees I negotiate, are 100% passed on to you.
Our motivation is to create you a fantastic wedding, at the price you can afford. For this reason We charge a fixed agreed fee not a percentage, so there is no motivation for me to push expensive suppliers on you.

In addition, you are employing us for Our experience.
Our wealth of experience will allow you to avoid the many typical planning mistakes and dead ends, which can be costly in terms of time money and emotional energy.
So Call us Now At : 91 – 9869829673 to Make Your Dream Wedding A Reality